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Motor Vehicle Collisions (PIP)

At Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre, P.A. in Saint Cloud and Lake Nona, Chiropractic Physicians Dr. Brett Petty and Dr. Steven Petty treat patients for injuries resulting from automobile crashes.

The sudden impact of a car crash is enough to turn one's life upside down. At Joint Maneuvers Chiropractic Centre, P.A., we understand the bio-mechanical relationships that 

result in pain and discomfort from whiplash-type injuries. Did you know that more than 50 percent of whiplash injuries also result in trauma to the lower back?

Neck Pain in addition to agonizing pain, whiplash-type injuries may also result in torn muscles, stretched tendons, inflamed joints, internal bruising, and bleeding.

Just as it is important to get rid of pain, it is important to correct bio-mechanical relationships of your joints and restore range of motion. Without proper healing, injuries can result in years of future discomfort.

Drs. Petty have successfully treated thousands of auto accident and industrial type injuries. They know that prompt care following a crash helps speed the healing process. Without proper care, injuries can heal with increased "non-elastic" or scar tissue. That's why Chiropractors feel that just taking pain medication alone won't result in optimal healing.

Our team of professionals, which include Chiropractic Physicians Drs. Brett and Steven Petty are allied with Medical Doctors, Imaging Centers and Personal Injury Attorneys who all have one goal in mind: to help you get well and recover from your loss.

Florida is a no-fault state which means that every driver with a car or truck must have personal injury protection (or PIP) coverage. PIP coverage covers 80% of your medical bills, 60% of your lost wages up to $10,000, regardless of who was at fault in the crash. FLORIDA LAW REQUIRES YOU TO BE EXAMINED BY A PHYSICIAN WITHIN 14 DAYS OF YOUR CRASH OR YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE WILL BE DENIED.

Many chronic cases of neck and shoulder pain and severe recurring headaches have their origin in a crash that, unknowingly to the sufferer, was initiated by a whiplash injury to their neck.

Following a whiplash injury, there will usually be a certain amount of neck soreness and stiffness as the muscles contract in their attempt to pull the head and spine back into alignment. Thinking that it will "just take time for it to go away" can be a very painful mistake for the future. Anyone sustaining a minor whiplash injury should have his or her spine checked. The sooner the better! Call (407) 498-0222 for an appointment today.

Danger Signs

Danger Signs Indicating Need For A Chiropractic Examination:

  • Recurring headaches
  • Change in behavior following a crash
  • Pain and muscle tension in back of neck or between shoulders
  • Stiffness or pain in lower back
  • Loss of sleep
  • Nervous tension - fatigue (nerve exhaustion)
  • Numbness or pain in the arms, hands, legs or feet
  • Muscle spasms or painful joints
  • Dizziness or tiredness in morning

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